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Facebook’s Zuckerberg Champions Immigration Reform

“I believe it’s important for the future of our country and for us to do what’s right,” said Zuckerberg to a crowd of DREAMers, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, immigration activists and political leaders.

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“Geography Of Hate” Looks at Use of Racist Terms Against Latinos, Blacks on Twitter

It’s no secret that internet users have always been able to get away with saying things online that they probably wouldn’t say in person, and a new map by Floating Sheep, a group of geography academics, takes the idea a step further by analyzing the use of racist and homophobic terms on Twitter across the United States.

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It’s Colombia NOT Columbia!

One media campaign is taking the common spelling mistake into their own hands with a global social media initiative and a fun shirt.

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Yankees’ Robinson Cano Tweets Pictures After Becoming U.S. Citizen

Robinson Cano, star second baseman of the New York Yankees, used Twitter on Tuesday to let his fans know that he was becoming a U.S. citizen.

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Julian Castro Takes Twitter by Storm During Convention Speech

Julian Castro was mentioned 11,503 times per minute on Twitter at one point. Only Michelle Obama who followed him and Mitt Romney the GOP nominee, topped him.

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Speaking to Latino Youth In Their Language to Get Them to Register to Vote — Social Media

Latino organizations are revving up for the 2012 election by using the language of young Hispanics to speak to them and get them to register to vote — social media.

Partnerships and alliances have been formed amongst established Latino organizations like Voto Latino, The National Council of La Raza, and others, which are using Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and the online space to bring their message to a voting bloc that will only be able flex its considerable political muscle if it actually shows up on election day.

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NBC Latino’s Adrian Carrasquillo talks to MSNBC’s Chris Jansing about Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s social media strength and a new biography with interesting revelations about the senator.

Twitter erupts as Obama order gives work permits to undocumented immigrants

To many, the Obama administration’s order to give undocumented immigrants work permits if they meet certain requirements, is a dream fulfilled, even if it falls short of DREAM Act legislation, which failed in Congress.

Facebook’s Latino co-founder breaks his silence

Eduardo Saverin, attends the 7th Annual Common Sense Media Awards honoring Bill Clinton at Gotham Hall. (Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Common Sense Media)

He was the subject of the central plot in the hit movie, “The Social Network,” about how Mark Zuckerberg sought to dilute his Facebook ownership and has recently been the target of ire over renouncing his citizenship ahead of the company’s initial public offering — but Eduardo Saverin was unable to break his silence on these topics due to contractual restraints.

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