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Food Blogs We Love: El Fogoncito

Arturo Féliz-Camilo and wife Zobeira Y. Gil Ramos prepare Dominican food daily for their family and document their adventures on their blog, “El Fogoncito.” If there’s one thing to know about Dominican cuisine, the husband and wife team says that it’s that it is passed down through generations.  

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In Honor Of Cinco De Mayo, a New Generation of Mexican-American Chef

In honor of Cinco de Mayo we’re devoting an entire week to celebrating an exciting new generation of Mexican American chef. A generation who’s not only keeping the food of their ancestors alive but elevating it to new heights. First up: Chef Rick Ortiz of Chicago’s Antique Taco and his Abuelita’s Pop Tart.

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Food blogs we love: Dulce Delight

Brazilian pastry chef Raiza Costa creates classic desserts with a delicate flair, such as the napoleon with passion fruit mousseline and pastry cream pictured here.


Five Food Resolutions to Keep in 2013 


It’s time to make New Year’s resolutions and everyone is planning to eat healthier. Here are five easy ways that can help you kick-start your resolution and help you reach your goals in 2013.

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Chef Spotlight: Dudley Nieto on elevating classic Mexican food

Chef Dudley Nieto combines traditional Mexican elements like marinated shrimp and pumpkin seed mole in a lovely, refined dish at his award-winning Chicago eatery Mezcalina.

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How to Make: Sopa de ajo (Spanish garlic soup)

Latin cooking is filled with dishes that started out as peasant food but have gone on to become classic culinary symbols of who we are and where we come from. Spain’s garlic soup—sopa de ajo—is one of those dishes.

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Food Blogs We Love: Mexico in my Kitchen

Mely Martinez, a food blogger in Washington, D.C. has vowed to keep Mexican culture a constant presence in her home through the preparation of authentic meals.

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Food Blogs We Love: Mind Over Batter

Who’s blogging: Mind over Batter is written by yours truly, Angela Sanchez-Robles. I’m a late bloomer curvaceous Dominican who is obsessed with baking and feeding people. My life’s mission is to fill bellies. I’m doing a good job so far.

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Food blogs we love: What’s Cooking, Mexico?

Ben Herrera dishes up classics like cochinita pibil on his blog, What’s Cooking, Mexico? (Photos/courtesy Ben Herrera)

Who’s blogging: My name is Ben Herrera and I’m originally from Mexico City. I grew up surrounded by food at my parent’s fonda (small family restaurants in Mexico). I guess my love for food was born among the aromas and flavors from the big, steamy clay pots and in the aisles of the Mexican markets when my dad and I were shopping for ingredients for the restaurant.