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Children Call for Pathway to Return Deported Family Members


Dozens of families separated by deportation made up the group that traveled to the White House to meet with Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and other members of Congress, calling for a pathway of return for close family members who have been deported.

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Celebrating Mother’s Day: The Best Advice We Got From Our Moms

Mothers give us endless love and care, but they also have something we couldn’t live without: wisdom. In honor of celebrating mom for Mother’s Day this Sunday, the NBCLatino staff is sharing some of the best advice our moms’ passed down to us. What was the best advice your mami ever gave you?

Chris Pena, Executive Editor: Simply put, my mother has been the most impressive woman in my life. I often remember the way she managed the various responsibilities in her life; children, spouse, household and work. My mother was one of those amazing women who make life look easy, even though it was far from an easy existence. Her laugh was contagious and she was easy to love.

The best advice my mother gave me was to achieve a great education. I remember how proud she was when I began to receive college brochures and how indescribably happy she was when I graduated from the University of Houston.

She came to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic and, like all immigrants, she was aspirational and wanted the best for her and her family. While she toiled as a housekeeper, she insisted I reach for bigger dreams and today I know I’m a realization of the wish she had for her own life.

Adrian Carraquillo, Manager, Social Media/Producer:It’s pretty funny because as I was thinking of what the best advice my mom ever gave me was for this post, I received a text message (I taught her how last year and now not a day goes by without paragraph long texts) from her that pretty much captured the essence of who she is and the profound direction she has given me in my life.

She was reflecting, and in a message sent to my sister and I, wrote that she always wants us to have strong principles and strong values. She told us to treat everyone with respect, to be mindful of the things we say and do, and to be proud of everything we do in life. This was typical of my mom. Always putting others first, especially my sister and I, and an important reminder that I owe her immensely for the man I’ve become today. I love you, Mom.


Maria Alcon, Deputy News Editor: “All men grow up to be 8-years-old old, and that’s where they stay mentally” and “Make your own money and you will own your future.”


Sandra Lilley, Web Producer: Mami always gave me encouragement, praised my work and gave me confidence.  Mil gracias, Mami!


Kristina Puga, Web Producer: My mother taught me to be a hard worker and be independent, more by example, than by words.

Nina Terrero, Web Producer: “If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it.” It’s advice I repeat to myself often, as I do my best to prepare myself for every opportunity. The challenge of the unknown may seem (very, very) scary, but with a little help from above, success can be yours. It’s a reminder to never be afraid of taking a chance that can yield big rewards, both personally and professionally. My mom did many things right, but one of the most valuable things she taught me is that when God is on your side, nothing is impossible. Thank you, Mom!

Ignacio Torres, Web Producer: The advice she always gave me was “respect yourself before you demand it from others.”


Jackie Carrero, Intern: “If you love what you’re doing, you’ll never work a day in your life.” My mother told me that if I pursued a career that I enjoyed, then everything else- a job, money- would come. That advice never rang more true than it has this year during my senior year in college. She gave me the courage to stick to my guns and follow my dreams. Another one of my favorite pieces of advice is: take good care of your credit. Thanks Mom!


Studies Hope To Show the Emotional Toll On Children Of Undocumented Immigrants

Living in the shadows can possibly lead to depression among the children of undocumented immigrants, say researchers.

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Jessica Alba to Play an Astronaut in New Space-Themed Fastlick

 Vixen, check. Superhero, check. Surfer, special agent and girl next door – check. Jessica Alba has played a variety of roles throughout her film career but it looks like her newest film may take her to astronomical heights…

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Should Kids Have Their Own iPads?

Urban baby blogger Rachel Figueroa-Levin explains why she’s raised her daughter as a digital child. 

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Jenni Rivera’s Company Sued by Plane Crash Victims

Several of the victims who died in the Dec. 9 plane crash alongside singer Jenni Rivera are now being represented in a lawsuit.

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5 Great Gifts for Young Adventurous Readers

If you have a young reader on your shopping list for the holidays and are wondering what sort of gifts – other than books – to give, relax! We’ve put together a list of fun products that will engage him and nurture his love of words.

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Disney Set to Unveil First Latina Princess, Sofia

There has been Jasmine and Belle, Mulan and Pocahontas, but never before has there been a Latina Disney princess. Until now.

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