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What am I? Actor Wilson Cruz: My Identity Is My Sword

Wilson Cruz, actor and National Spokesperson and Strategic Giving Officer at GLAAD talks about his identity in the next installment of NBCLatino’s What Am I series:

I am a Puerto Rican gay man. That is how I identify. That is my identity. I say Puerto Rican first because it is the obvious. It’s written all over my face. It’s in the curl of my hair, in the width of my nose, and in the color of my skin.

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Op-ed: Gay Marriage, One of These Things is Just Like the Other

Former My So-Called Life actor Wilson Cruz writes: Marriage is important to our society and to couples, for its legal protections that allow couples to take care of each other, and for its symbolism, for the love and commitment it stands for. More and more people every day are speaking out for marriage equality, and we welcome every one of them. 

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Wilson Cruz, an actor and LGBT activist, spoke to MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts about how President Obama coming out in favor of gay marriage was a courageous move but there is more to be done to battle homophobia.