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Texas woman stuck in Mexico after allegedly being coerced to deny citizenship

An attorney alleges some U.S.-born Mexicans born in Brownsville, Texas face long interrogations about their place of birth, leading to trouble returning to the U.S. (Photo/Getty Images).   

Brenda Vázquez was born in Texas. On her way back from Mexico, though, she told border patrol agents she was in fact born in Mexico. Now she is not allowed to return to the U.S.  Her attorney, however, says the young woman only said what she said after hours of interrogation, and now he is requesting a judge to allow her to return. 

OP-ED: When Replicas Become Deadly

Photo: AP - Jaime Gonzalez’ casket decorated with crucifixes and red velvet “Matachines” vest at his funeral on January 7, 2012.