College student goes to trial for taking $2 pumpkin

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A 23-year-old college student might go to jail for taking a $2 pumpkin.  Lauren Medina, from New Mexico, is scheduled to stand trial Tuesday for allegedly stealing a small pumpkin, reported KOAT-TV in Albuquerque. 

Her sister, Annette Atencio, said Medina has never been arrested for anything.

"I’m in disbelief—the more I talk about it, the angrier I get," said Atencio to KOAT-TV. 

Medina was charged in October 2011 when she went to McCall’s Pumpkin Patch in Moriarty, N.M., and forgot to pay for the small pumpkin.  Atencio said her sister had bought cakes and other food and had paid $75, she just forgot to pay for the pumpkin.  Atencio added that Medina offered to pay for it but she was handcuffed immediately.

Medina appeared in court, hoping the charges would be dismissed, but it did not happen.  She refused to plead guilty and do probation.  Now, her fate is in a magistrate court’s hands.  

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