New Cutting Edge Political Show on Cristina Radio

Photos: Bettina Inclan and Alicia Menendez

This will not be a she said he said kind of political radio show. This one features two Latinas from opposite sides of the political track. Power Play, a new radio show on Cristina Radio on SiriusXM, features two fresh voices on the political scene, Alicia Menendez, founder of the DailyGrito and an NBC Latino contributor and Bettina Inclan, the new Republican Hispanic Outreach Director.

"We are two Latinas who happen to be on different sides of the political aisle. We represent a growing voice of America, one that could determine who becomes our next President," says Inclan whose father was born in Veracruz, Mexico and mother was exiled from Cuba as a toddler.

The show which will air every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm ET will cover politics, social issues and culture with a Latino twist.

"We want to offer listeners what they can’t find anywhere else, fun, engaging dialogue where each side respects the other and sometimes agrees to disagree," says Menendez, who is Cuban-American and raised in Union City New Jersey.

Cristina Radio launched last Thursday, January 12th and it has been created around talk show icon Cristina Saralegui who signed with National Latino Broadcasting in May. The channel will also have current events and foreign policy show called From Washington Al Mundo hosted by Mauricio Claver-Carone, a well respected policy commentator.


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